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We are so excited to host our 2015 Conference. The Speakers details will be posted on this website under the Speakers Page very soon. Do come back and visit us.

Feel free to browse around and get a feel of the 2014 conference or visit Running With Fire for Pastor Tak's blog and other inspiring material. If you are planning to visit Auckland in the near future, why not check Church Unlimited out. Like us on Facebook and join the family for inspirational updates and latest information from Church Unlimited.



Christianity is all about going the extra  mile, doing what others aren’t willing to do and certainly going beyond the call of duty. Loving God, loving others, making disciples and fulfilling The Great Commission are all commandments. But to do any of these things effectively it requires us to go the extra mile. 

Hudson Taylor whose biography profoundly impacted me as a young Christian was a missionary who well and truly went the extra mile for the sake of the gospel.

The apostle Paul lived his life “Going the extra mile.” He talks in Corinthians about how the love of Christ compelled him. This love was the controlling power in his life and the reason he lived with the same selfless abandon Jesus had. Paul went the extra mile to win people to Christ.

Jesus who is our great example not only said “if someone forces you to go one mile, go with them two”- Matt 5:41 but he lived it all the way to the cross.

These three examples and many more have inspired us to endeavour to get in step with Jesus and Paul in this great challenge of reaching NZ & Beyond with the gospel. We would love to have you join us and be challenged and inspired for this great cause. For some of us, it will require a willingness to go the extra mile, but Jesus deserves no less.

We look forward to hosting you,

Tak & Adrienne Bhana