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15 – 17 APRIL

2019/04/15 19:00:00


We are thrilled with our line-up of speakers who will
inspire, impart faith, train and equip all Christians
to bring Kingdom culture wherever God has placed them;
including their home, street, workplace and community.

We pray God will empower and anoint you to reach lost people,
to make disciples, and to see community transformation.
Together we can change our nation, and beyond,
and fulfill the prayer, ‘Your Kingdom Come’.


United Kingdom




New Zealand


New Zealand


New Zealand

We regret that Alan Scott is no longer able to speak at the conference this year.

This year’s theme, ‘Your Kingdom Come’, both summarizes the purpose and vision of this conference and encompasses the mission of the church, which is to bring the Kingdom of God to earth. This great mission involves every believer playing their part in every sphere of society.


the trusts arena
15-17 april 2019

auckland detailskids conference details


students / pensioners
$50 leading up to event

$90 ($120 after 28th Feb 2019)

kids conference 
(auckland only)

children $35 each
($30 per child for groups of 3 or more)

Pastor Bayless Conley

Speaker 2017

“There is something of the Spirit of God happening here that is very raw, very real, and you can sense it.”

“It’s important that we live lives that are bigger than ourselves. One of the great things about New Zealand and Beyond is that lots of churches are involved; it’s about the body of Christ.”

Pastor Wayne Cordeiro

Speaker 2017

“When you gather with family, it lifts you up. It’s conferences like this that will do exactly that.”

“When we gather together at a conference like this it gives us focus once again, and it brings us back to the place God wants us to be. So that we can follow Him with accuracy, with faith, and with encouragment.”

Pastor Rob Stacey

Delegate 2017

“We’ve brought our whole staff team along to be here at this conference, because we believe in it. We believe in what it does in the lives of our people.”

Pastor Lui Ponifasio

Delegate 2017

“I keep coming to New Zealand and Beyond year after year, bringing all our leaders, we’ve got about 50 of our leaders here. I really believe in the heart of this conference. The presence of God in this place is just unbelievable.”