25-27 March 2021

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Dear friend,

We continue to live in challenging times as our world lurches from one disaster to another, with limited ability to adequately deal with them. New Zealand has drifted far from God, ungodly laws have been enacted and the church is widely seen as irrelevant. Yet the truth remains, the gospel, which has been entrusted to the church, is the hope of the world.

The vision of New Zealand And Beyond is to see a powerfully revived church giving rise to community transformation; along with seeing significant church growth from new believers, which would bring about an increase in the percentage of Christians in our nation.
One of the greatest keys to seeing the church impact the nation and turn it to God, is unity. This key has inspired the theme for NZ And Beyond 2021, STRONGER TOGETHER.

It would be our pleasure to host you.

Love and Blessings,
Tak and Adrienne

Tak & Adrienne Bhana

Wayne Alcorn


Corey Turner


Tak Bhana


Jodi Tolley


Elective Speakers

Julia Grace

Restoration of the Soul

Richard Urbahn

What New Testament Discipleship Looks Like

Richard Black

Toolkit for Emotional Wellbeing

David & Greta Peters

Ministering in Supernatural Power

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25-27 March 2021

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The Trusts Arena
25-27 March 2021

Auckland DetailsKids Conference


Adult Price Breaks
Early Bird – $90
until Feb 10, 2021

Full Price – $120

Students / Pensioners
$50 leading up to event

Intermediate aged students

"What I love about this conference is you don't see a movement promoted, you don't see a man promoted, but you see a mission see a nation touched. And I do believe that this conference has the seeds of seeing that go out to the whole body of Christ."
- Danny Guglielmucci, AUS
"I think God is doing something very unique through this conference, in equipping the church to extend the Kingdom of Jesus. And you don't always find that in conferences around the world."
- J.John,Evangelist UK
"I think it is exciting to see people drop all the denominational barriers, coming together and saying, 'We want to partner with this mission, we are in this together,we're on the same team.' This is not just for pastors, it's for the whole church."
- Boyd Ratnaraja, National Leader Elim Church NZ
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